• SCF-DD500型無芯收料垃圾袋點斷機(帶自動糾偏裝置)
  • 更新時間:2016/06/11

  • 產品簡介Introduction
    This equipment is auto. Continuous Dotting Machine which can constantly seal bottom horizontally and dot off thermoplastic film(HDPE、LDPE and PP, ETC.) . The machine is controlled by Microcomputer and Feeding by Servo Motor and has Frequency Speed Control and auto. Temperature Control, Counting. It is the ideal equipment for products like storage bag and slit bag, bag on roll which used in supermarket.
    技術參數Technical Parameter
    型號 MODEL SCF-DD500
    封切寬度 Cutting Width 25-500mm
    封切長度 Cutting Length 25-1250mm
    產量 Production 60m/min
    薄膜厚度 Film Thickness 0.01-0.25mm
    整機功率 Total Power 2.38KW
    電源 Voltage 220V~50Hz
    外形尺寸 Size 4×1×1.4m
    整機重量 Weight 550KG
    Note: The above parameters are for reference only, if there are any changes without prior notice.
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